New York


Fast paced, metropolitan, snobbish and artsy. As they say, New York is a city the never sleeps and where New York is described as being a state of mind. The New York REMO Eyewear frame personifies a business like, snobbish artsy attitude complimented by a smart wearable tech -giving its user a practical one device for reading, listening to music, answering calls without getting lost in the environment.






Modular Eyewear - you can remove the original frame from the arms and attach any of our other frame designs that will best suit your style, mood, and whatever the occasion.

Switch from your frames with Blue Light Filter Lenses that reduces the strain in your eyes from prolonged screen time to frames with UV Protection Lenses to enjoy the great outdoors. The Bluetooth enabled Arms will all while keep you connected to your surroundings and your music or calls.


The Eyewear designed for a connected world

#SmartAudioWearable | #LiberateYourSenses

How Does it Work?


Does it work for iOS and Android?

Yes. REMO Eyewear connects to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth.

Can I switch out the lenses for Prescription lenses?

Yes. You would need to take your REMO Eyewear glasses to your local optometrist so that they can install your prescription lenses.

How long does it take to charge?

It would take 60 minutes to fully charge your REMO Eyewear glasses.

Do you have glasses for Men and Women?

REMO Eyewear is unisex by design so it can be worn both by Men and Women respectively.