Eyewear designed for a Connected World


Fashion never feels out of place whenever technology is involved, and that’s exactly what we aim to achieve with REMO Eyewear. The arms of our glasses are packed with the features you need to get through the day.

REMO Eyewear Customer Reviews:
REMO Eyewear Customer Reviews:
I never miss an urgent call while working in the frontlines against the pandemic.
— Dr. Carol E., MD
REMO Eyewear Customer Reviews:
This is so much better than wearing headphones and fixing my mic and stuff! This is great!
— Patty T., DJ
REMO Eyewear Customer Reviews:
With everything being online, screen time is just getting longer. Luckily for me, REMO Eyewear keeps my eyes protected and makes me feel good with the way I look at the same time. It's not just protection, it's fashion for me.
— Anton A., Student
REMO Eyewear Customer Reviews:
I absolutely love these glasses. My wife and children have tried them and love them. I've let several people try them and they are amazed.
— Robert W., US Army Veteran
REMO Eyewear Customer Reviews:
It was a great experience! I love it what it does for my eyes especially when I use my devices.
— Mark T., DJ
Meet the Founders


We started REMO Eyewear in March of 2020 out of the need of the founders, who for the longest time, have been looking for an eyewear that addresses their different needs. The team is composed of family members who bring in their own experience and expertise to develop REMO Eyewear. 

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