How did you find your REMO Eyewear glasses?

RW: I first want to thank you all very much for sending me the glasses. I can't say enough good things about them. It's a life changer for me not having an ear piece in my ear. I literally can't hear the rest of the world if I have an ear piece. My wife or my kids have to grab my hand or shoulder to pull me out of harms way so being able to hear what's going on around me is amazing.


Is the sound clear enough for you?

RW: I can hear the music well enough. Although I have to put the volume all teh way up to hear the music given that I have nerve damage in my left ear and tinnitus in both ears.

I can hear and talk although it is a bit harder to hear a phone call than it is to hear the music. Everyone I talk to using REMO Eyewear says that they can hear me clearly. I tend to start talking louder when I'm talking via Bluetooth on the glasses but these have nothing to do with the eyewear but more to do with my hearing impairment. I am currently waiting for my new pair of hearing aids and when I get them, I'll get back to you on how it works with your eyewear.


Do you have any comments or suggestions that we should take a look at in the next version?

RW: I normally like to wear my glasses high up on the nose ridge but when I do that, I can hardly hear anything. Being able to adjust the height on which it sits on my nose would be great.

UV protected sunglasses are great but do consider having a polarized option as transitioning between indoor and outdoor is an issue for an outdoor person like myself.

Lastly, I know you guys just started out but a wrap around style would be great too as I have my own motorcycle and these kinds of glasses are practical when riding around. 

Again, thank you very much for sending me these glasses. My wife and children have tried them on and they are completely amazed on the technology behind it.

I look forward to seeing what REMO Eyewear comes up with next!



Disclaimer: REMO Eyewear did not pay for this review. Furthermore, REMO Eyewear is not a hearing aid nor do we claim to serve as a hearing aid for those with hearing impediments.

September 08, 2021 — Team REMO

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